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  • Eman4evr

    So uh..Warring Kingdoms?

    October 17, 2014 by Eman4evr

    What's next for this amazing skin set? The skin set is a reference to Dynasty Warriors, and these are some I'd think would be a nice addition. Oh, and for reference,

    make sure to look at DW8's costumes, as all of the Warring Kingdoms skins are based off of that singular game's character designs.

    If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment them below.

    Link to Character List

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  • Eman4evr

    It has come to my attention that even though we already have a large mass of boots, could more possibly have a good addition to League?

    So far, we have Boots that give us Attack Speed, Magic Resist, Armor, Movement Speed, Magic Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction.

    I don't want to sound noobish, or just plain lacking of common sense, but why must those be the only kinds? It feels as if we're missing a few boots, and if a little more variety was added, it might seem complete. Perhaps armor penetration boots? Lifesteal? SpellVamp? Crit Chance? I know this idea sounds flawed, but honestly in my opinion, the addition of more boots might change early game incredibly!

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  • Eman4evr

    It's that time again. I've been lazy about my provisionals and haven't done them yet. Last time I duo qued with a friend of mine and got dragged down to Bronze 1. BRONZE 1. I was so close to the season rewards I could almost taste it. I'd like some advice on how I should play provisionals and who I should play. In ranked I prefer to Mid/Top/Jungle, as I am solo queing for my Provisionals. I feel as if my friends will not be as much help, so I thought I'd reach out to the community for help.

    Malzahar:My Favorite Mid Laner. I don't know many people who play him, so I don't get many strategies from others. I play well as him, usually scoring a quadra, but I can't seem to play him the best I can. Ideas?

    Garen:I love this guy. He's a speedy littl…

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  • Eman4evr

    So about Xin Zhao...

    February 20, 2014 by Eman4evr

    In my opinion, Xin Zhao could use a nice rework on his model. He could use one, or maybe just finish the Steel Legion set with Xin included? It'd be something like this.

    Steel Legion Garen

    Steel Legion Lux

    Steel Legion Jarvan IV

    Steel Legion Xin Zhao

    Steel Legion Quinn

    But seriously Xin needs a visual upgrade along with Sion. Comment Below what you think and who you think needs a visual update.

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