It's that time again. I've been lazy about my provisionals and haven't done them yet. Last time I duo qued with a friend of mine and got dragged down to Bronze 1. BRONZE 1. I was so close to the season rewards I could almost taste it. I'd like some advice on how I should play provisionals and who I should play. In ranked I prefer to Mid/Top/Jungle, as I am solo queing for my Provisionals. I feel as if my friends will not be as much help, so I thought I'd reach out to the community for help.

Champions of my choice

Lee SinSquare
Jarvan IVSquare
Master YiSquare
My Favorite Mid Laner. I don't know many people who play him, so I don't get many strategies from others. I play well as him, usually scoring a quadra, but I can't seem to play him the best I can. Ideas?

Garen:I love this guy. He's a speedy little bastard and I've survived so many teamfights as him. He's the best melee character I play as (next to riven) and I enjoy playing him. But the problem is that I build wrong, and late game I can't seem to build right. I can do everything except survive through everything late game. Ideas?

Riven:I know. Riven is easy. But after her recent changes (NO, ITS NOT A NERF.) she's been rumored to be challenging. Build ideas?

Lee Sin: For me, he's a bit of a challenge, as I do not know what exactly to do playstyle wise. My build is set, but my playstyle is flawed.

Nasus:As Nasus, I'd like some playstyle tips.

Jayce:As Jayce, my build is about 3/4th's of a year old. Tips on Playstyle/Build?

Aatrox:My general aatrox games suck when I don't get jungle. Any advice on top lane playstyle?

Darius:I'd like some playstyle tips please.

Jarvan IV: Jungle build/tips and Top lane tips please.

Jax:Build and Playstyle tips please.

Karthus:Playstyle advice.

Master Yi:Item build advice and teamfight advice.

Pantheon:Playstyle advice please.

Singed:Teamfight tips please.