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  • Emile674

    About Crowd Control

    May 21, 2013 by Emile674

    Crowd Control or simply CC, is one of the core mechanism in League of Legends. It allows some champion to influence the pace of a teamfight, to kite (or peel), to ambush, etc. Basically, it allows some champions be threats even if they don't have insane amounts of damage. CC if fun.

    There are two big categories for CC effects: Soft Crowd Control (SCC) and Hard Crowd Control (HCC). Character such as have SCC, while others like have HCC. HCC have always been stronger. I've always followed closely the introduction of HCC and SCC into new champions. Latetly, some interrogation have slowly grown into my mind, creeping into the very core of my gray matter. After talking with some friends over a , I've concluded that crowd control, both SCC and HCC have be…

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  • Emile674

    This is a rework for Sion, the Undead Warlord (originally Sion, the Undead Champion), a champion in League of Legends. All abilities' icons are extracted from Dota 2 and modified!

    On the matter of a rework, I think some of Sion's champion statistics are terrible for his role, which inspired me to improve or decrease them in relation to the following reworking of his abilities. Each individual alteration will be explained in details.

    Sion is a fighter, meaning he has to stand in the fire line of the enemy carries during a teamfight. He relies on his melee range to inflict damage. In the current version of Sion, his base health is ridiculously low (403) while his scaling health is very high (+104). Sion has a difficult time in the early levels i…

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  • Emile674

    This is a rework for Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor, a champion in League of Legends. All abilities' icons are extracted from Dota 2 and modified!

    % magical and physical damage reduction from offensive's abilities and auto-attacks sent from outside of the aura's range. Each time he casts an ability, the aura's range is briefly expanded by 50 units for 4 seconds (stacking up to 3 times). |range=375 }}

    When first activated, Heimerdinger constructs a Steel Defender that fires at nearby enemies every half-second. The defender will change color every half-second in the following order: yellow, then blue, then magenta. This cycle repeats twice. When he uses the ability again, Heimerdinger picks the current color of the Steel Defender; the picked co…
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  • Emile674

    This is a rework for Ashe, the Frost Archer, a champion in League of Legends. All abilities' icons are extracted from Dota 2 and modified!

    This is my rework for Ashe, the Frost Archer. I believe Ashe is one of the weak ranged carries in the Field of Justice. There are two main reasons which lead me to that reasoning. First, I think Ashe relies too much on auto-attacks while her kit provides no synergy with this heavy dependency. Second, Ashe's damage output is weaker than most of the other ranged carries because she suppositively provides utility to her team. The thing is, the utility she provides is extremely skill-reliant and doesn't compare to the damage she loses compared to her sibling carries. In duel, Ashe will most likely only win against…

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