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  • Emptylord

    |gender = Male |race = Endbringer |location = Oceanic Abyss |lore = Leviathan's first documented appearance was an attack on Piltover. Tidal waves and virulent storms masked his arrival as he swept up the bay from the west, drowning swashes of the countryside with his passage. Upon his final approach unto Piltover, he was met by the , whom fought him for control of the skies and the combined might of the Noxian invaders, Piltover and Zaun finally caused enough damage to Leviathan to force him to retreat to the depths.

    Scholars note a gap in the timeline of their appearances, however, and speculate that Leviathan had made a previous, undocumented attack. If only someone had paid any mind to the drunken ramblings of across Freljordian tav…

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  • Emptylord

    |gender = Male |race = Endbringer |location = Subterranean |lore = Behemoth was the first of them. He made his first appearance in Shurima, erupting from the desert east of the Capital like some sort of volcano given body and purpose. Named after the titan from ancient lore, Behemoth carved a glassen path of destruction through the sands in a gruelling push for the . While he was eventually driven back into the ground by the combined efforts of the Guardians of the Sands, lead by the revived , his defeat was short lived. |quotes = false }}

    Change list
    • May 1st
      • Shatter is now autotargeted instead of targeted.
      • Volatile Bulwark is now pre-mitigation damage instead of post-mitigation damage.
    • May 1st
      • Volatile Bulwark now an innate ability.
      • Bulldoz…

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  • Emptylord

    • Retain his niche as a the League's literal tank - a slow moving artillery/bombardier.
      • Take heed of the lessons learned by and . I'm inclined toward a bombardment damage paradigm, to both distinguish Urgot from Kog'Maw as well as not fall pray to the issues that lead to Kog'Maw's rework being reverted.
      • Pick a more appropriate ultimate for an artillery champion.
    • Separate his lore from Sion, with regards to being a resurrected Noxian war hero.
      • I'm inclined toward dialling-up his Zaunite thematic - pipes and green gas.
    still occurred, but now occurred after his defection to Zaun and after he had already begun to modify himself.
    • While still a decorate war hero, his defection to become a kingpin of Zaun's criminal underword is not well received b…

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  • Emptylord

    The following is my implementation of Riot's intended goals and outcomes for their upcoming Assassin Roster Update.

    • AD assassin itemisation overhaul.
      • likely to become melee only.
      • AP item changes are unlikely due to AP assassins being fairly well supported by existing AP items.
    • Stealth rework, which will affect all stealth champions and not just assassins.
    Personal Wants
    • All damage over times and stored damage effects will now use a pending damage indicator.

    • Larger windows of opportunity for opponents.
      • Sinister Steel and Shunpo will likely not be an instantaneous combo.
    • More laning power. She currently just snipes CS with her Q.
    • Skill floor and ceiling will likely be going up, so there is more room for mastery.
      • We also want to make her cur…

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  • Emptylord

    The current "Attack power, spell power, defense and difficulty" model is being scrapped.

    The new ratings are as follows:

    • Damage type (physical, magical or mixed)
    • Damage style (slider between attacks and abilities)
    • Difficulty (out-of-3)
    • Radar (out-of-3)
      • Damage - A champion's ability to deal damage.
      • Toughness - A champion's ability to take damage.
      • Crowd Control - A champion's ability to disable enemies.
      • Mobility - A champion's ability to quickly relocate around the map.
      • Utility - A champion's ability to grant beneficial effects to allies. Based on champions like Teemo and Zyra, I believe this also includes granting effects (but not )

    My only issue with the proposed format is that the visuals within the client support a 0-3 index, but no champions curre…

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