I do not expect anyone to read and comment on all of this. Heck, I doubt anyone will read even half of this. However, if you would like to just browse to your favourite champions - I'd love to hear how much you feel I've destroyed their integrity!

This collection is a few years in the making, and contains collaborations/derivatives of works by my co-conspirators Will and Dragon. The main target of my penmanship are problematic champions or abilities. While I've not included numbers in all my suggestions, I've tried to maintain a consistent level of balance across all updated champions. Well, that, or a level of imbalance - I tend to like designs where champion's do something meta-shifting

A select few of my updates share abilities (e.g. ViktorSquare Viktor and HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger), which I plan to address, and in several cases I've swapped abilities between two champions (e.g. TryndamereSquare Tryndamere and OlafSquare Olaf) - but the goal is to have each champion offer a clear contribution to the team. For many Tanks and Supports, I've gone overboard on dialling up their utility at the expense of damage - except where damage makes more sense, of course (e.g. SorakaSquare Soraka).

There's a few champions missing that I would like to address - but I decided I would like to start getting feedback rather than wait to fulfil my completionist desires.
Key Definition
Quality of Life One or two minor changes.
Rework A suite of minor changes or a single substantial change.
Relaunch A complete do-over.
Tentative A rework that explores a new direction.