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Emptylord PlatinumThresh
When I was unranked back in February, I was ridiculed for my claim that ThreshSquare ADC Thresh was viable - "don't listen to that scrub, go platinum and then we'll talk". But I dismissed you for the fools you are but continued to play normals (I was allergic to ranked at the time).

For completely unrelated reasons, I started playing ranked this summer to see how high I could get. I started in Bronze 2 and went in a winning spree from Bronze 1 to Silver 3 (I skipped Silver 4). I've been climbing ever since. I mained ZacSquare Jungle Zac, MaokaiSquare Jungle Maokai, Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune, ThreshSquare ADC Thresh, VarusSquare Varus, ZyraSquare Support Zyra, Kog'MawSquare AP Kog'Maw and XerathSquare Xerath (I can't / don't / won't play top).

Once I achieved gold, I dropped jungle from my repertoire and focused on AP Mid and Support - playing almost exclusively XerathSquare Xerath and ZyraSquare Support Zyra.

I decided to pick up ThreshSquare ADC Thresh (again) in ranked after a hilarious game with him in ARAM game. It went amazing! So I kept playing him!

His counters (if you're interested) are Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune and QuinnSquare Quinn, although I've not faced either recently. Also CorkiSquare Corki, but he counters all carries at the moment.

Current status - Gold 1 (33 LP)
  • My score with him in Gold 1: 6 wins out of 9 games.
  • My overall with him: 16 out of 24 games (I'd say 14 out of 21 were as ADC)

P.S. My first and only ranked pentakill was with ThreshSquare ADC Thresh. ;)

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