Relaunching RecolorsEdit

The existing recolor skins should be re-released as part of a Chroma pack (priced at RP icon 590)

  • Summoners who own any of the contained skins will receive the Chroma pack for free.
  • Legacy Chromas would be treated as Legacy skins and would only be periodically available.
  • Vintage Chromas would be treated as Traditional skins and, while officially classified as Legacy, would only be scarcely available. Existing owners would receive Vintage Artwork and the Vintage Icon, while new owners would use the base skin's artwork.
  • If possible, skin artworks would be applied when the specific Chroma is chosen. The name and a watermark should denote that it's a Chroma.
Chroma Name Contents
Akali OriginalCircle Original [S|L]
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Evelynn OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Ezreal OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Kayle OriginalCircle Classic - Vintage Chroma [S|L]
Kennen OriginalCircle Classic - Multiverse Chroma [S|L]
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Malzahar OriginalCircle Classic - Noble Chroma [S|L]
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Nunu OriginalCircle Classic - Cryptozoology Chroma [S|L]
Olaf OriginalCircle Classic - Forsaken Chroma [S|L]
Pantheon OriginalCircle Classic - Forsaken Chroma [S|L]
Teemo OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle Classic - Suitor Chroma [S|L]
Veigar OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
Vladimir OriginalCircle Classic - Legacy Chroma [S|L]
That Said
I feel like the following skins would be done better justice as part of the champion's scheduled visual upgrade:
  • Kennen DeadlyCircle Deadly Kennen [S|L] De-hooded, an improved mask, and maybe mini-swords - all the better to Deadpool you with.
  • Kennen SwampMasterCircle Swamp Master Kennen [S|L] De-hooded, improved Yordle anatomy, and "Chosen" weapons - Kennen would make an awesome Yoda.
  • Kog'Maw CaterpillarCircle Caterpillar Kog'Maw [S|L] Cute little furry caterpillar!
  • Nunu SasquatchCircle Sasquatch Nunu [S|L] Eventually Nunu will get the Bristle-treatment, and we can have Nunu riding an actual gorilla-man in one of his skins.

New IdeasEdit

Premium Chroma Packs
Premium Chroma Packs can feature new animations, voice filter or changes to non-champion models (e.g. TrundleSquare Trundle's Pillar of Ice Pillar or ZacSquare Zac's Cell Division Bloblets) but still use an existing skin as a base. These would cost RP icon 750 and would ideally have their own loading artwork.

Renamed ChromasEdit

For me, the names should refer to a theme rather than being a unique identifier - this is primarily (no pun intended) because "Prime" brought to mind "Primary" (i.e. primary colors) and my brain has been stuck on that association ever since (as opposed to "Prime" being an adjective to symbolize importance). Summoners should be able to search "Prime" to get a list of all the Primary Color skins.
― Emptylord
Some packs, such as Condiments Zac, would still be skin-specific.