I've been in the mood for drawing lately, so I thought it'd be fun to have a go at Yordle-ifying all the Yordles. For the most part, I've settled on Ziggs Ziggs and Heimerdinger Heimerdinger as being correct - but I urge you to give feedback. What do you love about these champions? For the older champions, I shall be reworking their outfits and themes to allow more room for growth; with only minimal changes to champions like Lulu.

Emptylord AmumuVU Sketch Emptylord AmumuVU Sketch V2

I'm not gonna lie, before I set to drawing Amumu I was all inspired... but he turned out rather same-y. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. Not much definition though. Amumu might honestly work better a child rather than a Yordle. Then I was reminded Riot wants to make Amumu look more like a tank when they visually upgrade him. I didn't want to put him in any armor that players might confuse with AmumuSquare.png Little Knight Amumu, so I opt'd for a more psychological design - if he's visibly wounded and seems unphased: he's durable.

AmumuSquare.png Classic and Traditional Amumu
Emptylord RumbleCorkiVU

For Corki, I added bumps to his helmet to indicate ears, facial fuzz and a beard - 'cause I accidentally made his chin too pointy, then thought it looked good and made it even pointier. For Rumble, the only substantial difference is the shaved head (I made the call that all Yordles should have head hair, so I wanted to make Rumble's Mohawk look like a decision and not something that grows that way).

Emptylord Kennen Sketch

Tweaked the ears, hands and feet to match the other Yordles - otherwise, he's fine.

Corki Corki and Rumble Rumble Kennen Kennen
Emptylord LuluVU Sketch

Plagiarized/handcopied from Knockwurst. His explorations for Yordles inspired me, so I didn't think I could do better than his Lulu - but I still wanted to draw it to complete the collection.

Emptylord PoppyVU Sketch

Outfit was originally leather, but after feedback it was altered into platemail. I've omitted the shield from the image, although I would personally remove the shield altogether.

Lulu Lulu Poppy Poppy
Emptylord HeartseekerTeemo

I... can't do Teemo justice in his classic skin. The only thing particularly wrong with Teemo's current model is his size, by contrast the female and modern-male yordles. So rather than insult him, here's Heartseeker Teemo!

Emptylord TristanaVU Sketch

Outfit inspired by the onesies worn by WWI pilots. I decided to make her more punk-y, merging her original skin with her Riot Girl skin (a new Riot Girl skin would be released to suit the other Riot skins, with a beanbag launcher and such).

TeemoSquare.png Heartseeker Teemo Tristana Tristana
Emptylord VeigarVU Sketch

One time, while on the loading screen, I mistook the thing on top of Veigar's hat for a helmet - and since then I've always imagined that Veigar is small (even for a Yordle), but pretends he's normal height with his outfit. He ties his ears together and he them up in his helmet, with fake ears in horn-like protrusions from the helmet.

Emptylord Rammus Sketch

My mate was like "You should totally draw Rammus as a chubby Yordle wearing armor," so I totally drew Rammus as a chubby Yordle. Two of his horns are hollowed out to hold his ears. After penning the image, I realized I drew his legs too short (it almost looks like he's wearing a nappy!)... so imagine that I didn't do that. Doctored it.

Veigar Veigar Mystery Guest: Rammus Rammus, the Wrecking Ball
Heimerdinger OriginalLoadingZiggs OriginalLoadingBlue Shopkeeper
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, Ziggs Ziggs and Blue Shopkeeper

Regarding Poppy's hair colour: all the furry male yordles currently feature a hair colour that matches their skin colour (Rumble's blue fur and blue hair; Heimerdinger's yellow; even Lulu's purple to some extent) but Poppy has blue fur and white hair. Should I fix this? Is there a reason for her white hair? In my VU for Tristana her coloured hair is a choice (dyed and highlighted), which would be obvious from the vibrant colours... but I'm not sure Poppy would bleach her hair.

Possible Patch Notes

Amumu Amumu
  • Curse of the Sad Mummy.png Curse of the Sad Mummy
    • No longer entangles enemies hit (can't move and can't attack).
    • Now mummifies enemies him, which applies the same crowd control as Polymorph (can't attack, can't cast and is slowed).
      • Either a texture-swap like Petrifying Gaze.png Petrifying Gaze, a model-swap like Whimsy.png Whimsy or simply surrounding them in a bandage cage.
    • Mummified enemies also lose their allied vision and their vision radius is reduced.
      • Perhaps, as with Demacian Justice.png Demacian Justice, there could be a screen-overlay that has translucent bandages slide up the screen to give the indication of obscured vision. That said, the decision to remove sight was more in line of a "curse of loneliness" and not "hurr durr realism your eyes are covered".

Custom Champions

Emptylord Demetry
Dimitri the Battle Surgeon
Artwork by Farahboom
Emptylord Yaga
Yaga the Stray Little Witch
Champion and Artwork by Opip
Emptylord StefanConcept
The Ironspine Ripper
Artwork by Me

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