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Custom champions/Azazel the Arcanist


the Arcanist

Emptylord AzazelSquare

Artwork found online. 

Attackpower.png 10
Defensepower.png 10
Abilitypower.png 10
Difficulty.png 10
Mage Large


Ranged icon


1 Growth 18
Health Average
Health regen. Average
Mana 40 (+0)
Mana Regen. 40 (+0)
Attack Damage Low
Attack Speed Low
Armor Average
Magic Resist. Average
Attack Range 550
Mov. Speed N/A

Azazel the Arcanist is a ranged mage.



Azazel, the Arcanist
  • Male
  • Human
  • Piltover
One creates. One destroys. I will wield both...
JoJ Ram1

Written by Dragonzzilla.

The elder brother of Ezreal Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, Azazel is unlike his brother in the sense that he is without magic. He took immense pride in this, crediting his accomplishments on hard work and actual skill. His responsible but driven approach to life had earned the respect of Piltover's adult community and the admiration of its younger population. He embodied the city's vision of a self-made young man.

Years passed though, and as Ezreal's aptitude for magic grew stronger, Azazel found himself outshined by his brother. The boy demonstrated a genius intellect from a young age, and soon racked a list of achievements to call his own. While Azazel did not feel jealousy toward his brother initially, he did seek to accomplish greater feats, to further esteem their family and set an example for his brother. But he soon felt a wanting in his heart... for what, he wasn't comfortable sharing.

Azazel eventually traveled to Shurima, taking an increasing interest in archaeology and exploration. Much of Shurima was still wrapped in enigma; which made it a perfect opportunity to prove his worth over Ezreal. While exploring an submerged vault, he found an amulet with an opaque gem, one that defied common description. It was well-protected, but where others saw danger, Azazel saw proof... but that did not prepare him for when he tried to take it. In a manner of moments, Azazel felt his life slip away.

He vaguely remembers recovering. But something was... off. Why didn't he feel the air on his face, as stagnant as it was? Why was the room's previous musk now gone? Curious to find out, he looked beneath his gloves... and found nothing. Azazel panicked, calling forth something from within the amulet. Azazel watched as the very stone he hurled himself against split apart, realizing it was deconstructing before him. Rational thinking re-asserted itself as Azazel searched for an explanation. The amulet controlled entropy, it seemed... it strips present materials to their base components and manipulates them. It would explain his quasi-physical form. But how would he restore himself? It took him a second to remember that for every force in the universe, there is an equal and an opposite; a counterbalance that ensures stability and provides order. He would find the amulet's mirror and restore his humanity.

  • "The breeze is just divine."
  • "You know these are purely decorative?"
  • "Eat your heart out."
  • "Easy."
  • "Bite me."
  • "If you say so."
  • "Fascinating."
  • "A draining exercise."
  • "Diagnosis: A severe case of phantom limb."
  • "I am literally falling to pieces."
Joke/Taunt near an enemy or allied Ezreal Ezreal
  • "Funny thing about gauntlets: they come in pairs."
  • "Now this is a true display of skill."
Joke/Taunt near an enemy or allied Lux Lux
  • "Perhaps I could interest you with a true display of skill?"
Joke/Taunt while nearby to both Lux Lux and Ezreal Ezreal
  • "Ezreal and Lux, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"
Encountering an enemy Twitch Twitch
  • "I suppose this is one advantage to not having a nose."
Response to Elise Elise's joke about lady's with legs
  • "That explains a lot."
Stepping on Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Trap
  • "I think I've snagged."
  • "Carefully..."
  • "Whaaaaat?!"
  • "No fair!"
  • "ARRGH!"


Arcane Manipulator
Arcane Shift

Azazel does not gain mana or mana regeneration per level. Instead, Azazel's base mana (400 mana) and mana regeneration (40 mp5) are exceptional.

Ability Details

Arcane Strike
RANGE: 1150
COST: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 mana
Mystic Shot

Active: After channeling for 1 second, Azazel hurls a bolt of arcane energy forward in a line, damaging the first enemy it hits. Azazel can move while channeling albeit at reduced movement speed and the channel time is reduced 1.75% for every 1% of Azazel's cooldown reduction.

  • Base Magic Damage: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (+35% AP)

If Arcane Strike hits an enemy, Azazel gain a stack of Rising Spell Force for 4 seconds (up to 4 stacks). Arcane Strike deals 50% more damage and costs 100% more mana for every stack of Rising Spell Force.

Ability Details
Target Direction

Arcane Surge
RANGE: 475
COST: 50 mana
Trueshot Barrage

Active: Azazel unleashes a shockwave that damages all enemies in the surrounding area.

  • Base Magic Damage: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (+35% AP)

Arcane Surge deals 50% more damage for every stack of Rising Spell Force. If Arcane Surge damages an enemy, the current timer of Rising Spell Force is refreshed.

Ability Details
No Target

Arcane Blitz
RANGE: 700
COST: 100 mana
Rising Spell Force

Active: Azazel fires a homing bolt of arcane energy at the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. Azazel will unleash an additional bolt for every stack of Rising Spell Force, which home in on enemies within a 475-radius area around the first target. Enemies can only be targeted by a single bolt.

  • Base Magic Damage: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (+35% AP)

Arcane Blitz deals 50% more damage for every stack of Rising Spell Force and consumes all current stacks.

Ability Details
No Target

Arcane Rush
RANGE: 1150
COOLDOWN: 20 / 15 / 10
Essence Flux

Active: Azazel dashes toward the cursor, dealing magic damage to all enemies he passes through. Azazel is untargetable and invulnerable during the dash.

  • Magic Damage: 105 / 225 / 345 (+105% AP)

Azazel generates a stack of Rising Spell Force for every enemy champion hit.

Ability Details
Target Direction


Emptylord AzazelDraft

The original draft for Azazel. The mask has since changed. While unseen in the updated artwork, he still wears boots when in one piece.

Patch history

May 4th, 2015
  • Arcane Manipulator no longer quadruples bonus mana regeneration. A very late change to accommodate for the Season 5 mana regeneration changes.
July 8th, 2014
  • Arcane Manipulator no longer quadruples bonus mana regeneration. A very late change to accommodate for the Season 5 mana regeneration changes.
  • Arcane Strike
    • Cooldown reduced to 0 seconds from 1 second.
    • Channel time increased to 1 second from 0.5 seconds.
    • Channel time now scales with cooldown reduction.
July 2nd, 2014
  • Blog post created.