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Custom champions/Pernelle the Witch of the Wastes


The Witch of the Wastes

Emptylord PernelleSquare

Reference art by Fesbraa 

Attackpower.png 40
Defensepower.png 30
Abilitypower.png 80
Difficulty.png 70
Emptylord Disruptor Large


Emptylord Saboteur Large


Ranged role


1 Growth 18
Health (+)
Health regen. (+)
Mana (+)
Mana Regen. (+)
Attack Damage (+)
Attack Speed (+%)
Armor (+)
Magic Resist. (+)
Attack Range 575
Mov. Speed

Pernelle The Witch of the Wastes is... the best champion ever.


Emptylord Mindeater by Fesbraa
"The Witch of the Wastes" is a champion that's been sat on my back burner for a while. I was initially inspired by a large number of "animated" or "anthropomorphic" animals that seemed to originate from Plague Lands and neighbouring jungles, including Wukong Wukong, Nidalee Nidalee, Rengar Rengar and previously Rammus Rammus (although his origin has since been associated with Shurima), as well as my own champion concept, Zargonil. I imagined some sort of witch or shaman had been experimenting on animals, but never really explored this further.

At another point, I encountered the phrase, "the Witch of the Wastes" entirely out of any context and it immediately brought back thoughts of the Plague Witch. There was something... fitting about the title. I learned later that the title belongs to a character from Howl's Moving Castle, but it's still something I'm attached to.

And then today, I stumbled upon some artwork that inspired me. And not just the artwork itself, though amazing, but it reminded me of the vine-bender from Avatar; as well as the living-brush ability I drafted for Zyra; and the brush-burrowing ability from Heroes of the Storm's new champion, Dehaka, whom I had learned about only earlier the same day. I suddenly wanted to create a plant mage, but one that's very different from Zyra Zyra - a champion who brings the jungle alive and has very similar windows of strength to Rengar Rengar and Skarner Skarner (although in a more intuitive way than Skarner).

I also wanted to explore the possibility of an "assume command" unit, that even her allies can climb into to "shape shift", so to speak. Even just writing this, I imagine perhaps that The Witch of the Waste leaves behind a body suit when she dies that her allies can climb into to gain control. Perhaps, even, the Witch respawns at the body suit's current location... "blooming once more", so to speak.


Pernelle's personality draws parallels from Glaistig Uaine from the web serial, Worm, in that she speaks with an air of someone who is aware of the world's plot and how each of the characters plays a part in the eventual end. On top of this, it is never quite apparent whose side she is on.

Little of what she says makes all that much sense, or she uses too many metaphors and analogies that the original meaning is hard to make out.

I had originally intended for her "name" to simply be Witch, with her title being "of the Wastes", such that she is technically nameless and remarks on this in her quotes. However, the name Pernelle (also spelled Perenelle) has been nagging me to use it and given the character of Pernelle, it's not an inappropriate name for The Witch of the Wastes.


Pernelle, The Witch of the Wastes
  • Spirit
  • Plague Lands
Easter Egg
  • Whenever a unit dies within a brush that is under Pernelle's influence, their corpse will be absorbed into the undergrowth rather than triggering their own death animation.
  • Dying within a brush during the patch preceding her release will trigger this same interaction, with some dialogue to accompany it.
Beginning a game
  • "I am nameless and yet known by many names. It doesn't matter."
  • "I am known by many names, all given unto me though none of them mine. To some I am Gaia, although not for a long time. To others, simply Goddess, and Empress, although such titles are not appropriate."
  • "When a tree falls it is never unheard."
  • "We have partaken in your silly games. They bore us."
LeBlanc LeBlanc / Jarvan IV Jarvan IV
  • Taunting: "You might wish to check your reflection, Great Deceiver."
Zyra Zyra
  • Taunting: "You need not bow to me Zyra: we are equals here. Queens of a kind."
  • Killing/Dying Against: "It has been an honor, Queen of Thorns."


Pernelle's abilities all interact with Brush. To improve Pernelle's experience, she will see targetable nodes within each brush (or multiple nodes within larger brushes).

RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: 30 (15 w/ Hand of Baron.png Hand of Baron)

Pernelle has access to a unique spell that replaces Recall. Additionally, Pernelle's presence in the game causes an additional brush to spawn beside her fountain.

Active: After a brief channel, Pernelle teleports to the target brush.

Grasping Vines

Active - Option 1: Pernelle commands the target brush to reach in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and Airborne icon pulling them into its area.

Active - Option 2: Pernelle commands all nearby brush to reach toward the target location, each dealing magic damage to the first enemy they hit and Airborne icon pulling them into its area.

Ability Details
Target Unit/Direction

Deadly Bloom

Passive: Pernelle's presence causes nearby brush to come alive, becoming autonomous units that thrash at nearby enemies. Brushes attack at 0.8 attack speed and deals magic damage, prioritizing champion's Pernelle has attacked in the last 3.5 seconds, Pernelle's attack target, enemy champions based on Call For Help, and finally nearby targets.

  • Magic Damage: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+5 × level) (+20% AP)

Brush are Disarm icon disarmed while performing Grasping Vines and Entrench.

Deadly Bloom
RANGE: ~225 (from brush)

Passive: Pernelle's basic attacks will cause any brush nearby to her attack to also lash at them, dealing magic damage. This damage applies spell effects.

  • Magic Damage: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+5 × level) (+20% AP)

COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10

Active: After a 0.875 second delay, all nearby brush grasps onto all units within them, dealing magic damage and Root icon rooting them for a short duration, as well as Grounded icon knocking them down.

  • Magic Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+70% AP)
  • Root Duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2

The following ultimate was ported from Heroes of the Storm in an attempt to preserve the scrapped Similacrum ability (see below), although it may not be the pinnacle of design. Mounts are a relatively unexplored niche, and a giant battle plant that tears apart civilization isn't a bad pet.

Abhorrent Growth
COOLDOWN: 180 / 120 / 60

Passive: An Abhorrent Growth blooms beside Pernelle's fountain, which lasts for 90 seconds. Any allied champion can interact with the Abhorrent Growth to climb inside, gaining access to an unique set of abilities. The cooldown on Abhorrent Growth begins when it perishes.

Abhorrent Growth
Abhorrent Growth

The Abhorrent Growth has entirely independent stats to its controller, whom is Stasis icon safely stowed at the growth's core. The controller's abilities, items and masteries are disabled for the duration.

Vile Plume

Active: After a brief delay, the Abhorrent Growth emits a nova of spores that each Disarm iconSilence icon polymorph and Fear icon terrify the first enemy they hit for 3 seconds.

Animate Entangler

Active: The Abhorrent Growth spawns a thicket of thorns that expands outward from the target location and lasts for 8 seconds. Structures within the thicket are Suppression icon disabled, with both units and structures within the area taking magic damage every second.

  • Magic Damage: 75 / 140 / 205 (+35% Pernelle's AP)

Rapid Growth

Active: The Abhorrent Growth gains 50% bonus movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds. Unit kills reduce the cooldown of Rapid Growth by 3 seconds.


Active: Exits the Abhorrent Growth, killing it.

Abhorrent Growth
Emptylord Abhorrent GrowthRender
Heroes of the Storm
Duration 90 seconds
Health 500 (+175)
Attack Damage 50 (+10) (+35% Pernelle's AP) (Magic damage)
Armor 30 (+5)
Magic Resist. 30 (+5)
Move. Speed 350
Sight 1300
Attack Range 225
Attack Speed 0.625 (+1%)

Vile Plume, Animate Entangler, Rapid Growth and Wilt

Previous Abilities


Innate: Upon death, Pernelle leaves behind a Simulacrum. Allies can interact with the Simulacrum to assume control, gaining access to Pernelle's abilities. The occupant is forced to exit when Pernelle is due to respawn in 4 seconds. Pernelle will respawn at her Simulacrum's position, and can start controlling her movement up to 3 seconds prior.

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