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Wikia discussions/Lore-based Champion Infobox

So I was browsing fan art and I saw a collection of "Noxian champions" that included Morgana Morgana, to which I thought "Wait, Morgana's Noxian? I thought she was an angel from wherever Kayle and Morgana come from." So I looked up Morgana/Background and I couldn't see anything that indicated Noxus. I then remember that the location pages have lists of associated champions - apparently Morgana's the owner of a restaurant called The Sinful Succulence. I'm going to assume this is mentioned in the Journals of Justice, much like most of the original lore.

But it got me thinking...

  • Why isn't there anything on Morgana's page that tells me all the pieces of lore she's featured in?
  • Why is "Relations" on the Skins & Trivia page?

...why don't I make a template that features all this information?

So I did.

EDIT: This template is now live. I will endeavour to update all champions over the coming days - but feel free to assist.

You will need to add the following fields to the champion's Template:Data_CHAMPNAME, which you can access to clicking the "E" (for Edit) button found within the template:

|gender       = 
|race         = 
|birthplace   = 
|residence    = 
|occupation   = 
|faction      = 
|allies       = 
|friends      = 
|rivals       = 

Please do not fill-in non-applicable fields (e.g. occupation, for most champions). No champions will have both "Friends" and "Allies".

Here's the template's documentation

This template returns a champion's biographic infobox. For the template that handles in-game information, see Template:Champion info.
It works on 3 levels:
  1. It will attempt to automatically fill in information using the Category:Data_templates.
  2. Any input parameters will override that information
  3. If neither parameters nor known information are found, the fields will be hidden.
The only parameter that is required is the champion's name.
{{Champion bio|Xerath}}

You can use additional parameters to replace statistics of an existing champion.
{{Champion bio|Xerath
|render=[[File:Syndra Render.png|link=|215px]]
|birthplace=Totally not Shurima

Input Parameters
This template will try to use any of the following parameters.
{{Champion bio
|disp_name    = Bob      
|header       =
|image        = CorkiSquare.png
|render       = [[File:Dr. Mundo Render.png|link=|215px]]
|alias        = *The Doctor
*The Butcher
*Burger Eater
|gender       = Male
|sex          = Male
|race         = Mundo
|birthplace   = Mundo's mum
|residence    = Wherever he pleases.
|occupation   = Whatever he pleases.
|faction      = However he pleases.
|related      = Dr. Mundo 
|explore      = 

Note that sex will only accept the following parameters and will only be visible if a gender is inputed.
Default Values
If no parameters are given, or if the champion isn't in Category:Data templates, the fields will be hidden or replaced with "?".

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