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Wikia discussions/New Champion Layout

Emptylord September 5, 2014 User blog:Emptylord

Let's approach this differently. I generally prefer to use the mainspace to run projects because it means other people can edit them (and other people have been), but this isn't proving effective. There are apparently formatting issues with the Ability template, but I'm struggling to address this as I cannot see the issues on my browser.

New Page Layout

Housekeeping: Commented out because of Redlinks

Thought Process

  • New infobox (for funsies) - Criticism about font sizes will be address in due course.
    • Now includes a level-up drop down.
  • Champion's reference moved into the Champion infobox - I've always disliked the random line of text under each champion.
  • Formalization of the "Notes" section for gameplay quirks (could go after abilities, but existing versions of this -- e.g. Orianna, Renekton, Vel'Koz, Thresh -- have always put this first).
  • Version 1 has absorbed Recommended Items and Patch Notes.
  • Now a dedicated lore article.
    • Removed development and patch notes.
    • Added relationships.
  • Quotes will fall onto multiple columns if your browser supports them.
  • Not sure how to address the mess. I'm for advocating only factual/official information, although the lack of official content for older champions would make this hard.
  • Perhaps some justification behind the official recommended items, maybe offer alternatives (similar to how we recommend alternatives on item pages).
  • Perhaps some recommended items for things like AP Kog'Maw, or Jungle Fiddletsicks (Fiddle currently has lane items).
    • The lack of official strategy for most of the older champions would make this page hit-and-miss for official content.
Skins and Trivia
  • Removed.
    • Relationships moved to Background.
    • Trivia moved to Development.
Development and Trivia
  • New page - contains all development information previously found in Background.
  • Also contains Trivia, because in most cases that is reference to design/development decisions (he looks like X, etc).
  • Version 2 also features Patch Notes.
Currently missing
  • Skins, skin screen shots — A skins/quotes article is a nice idea (it could also include things like Soraka's Ward; Udyr's summoner icons - a "Cosmetics" article, per se). Examples shown in commenter's sandboxes didn't look good, though - and I don't know if this is a formatting issue or...