Ritz, The Silent Fingers

Concept: Ritz is a female around the 20's. She became suddenly deaf on one day. The cause she hates the world for her handicap. Everytime someone started to talk to her they laughed because she didn't know what these people said. What she didn't know that time that she also had to power of sound in her grip, but only the power to create silence.

One day people from her class started to bully her. She lost control of herself and suddenly a burst of soundwaves flew in the direction of the kids, leaving them on the ground with blood in their ears. Which resulted in permanent deafness. Everywhere she went people started to cover their ears. There was no place where she could go anymore.

A day after, she saw a yordle from faraway. The yordle was sitting on a giant machine. She didn't dare to come closer because she didn't want to make him deaf. She threw some rocks at him to get his attention, which was not a good idea at all. This way she provoked the yordle and it began shooting missiles from the air. She barely dodged them and leaved her with a few wounds. The yordle came closer and closer, but it suddenly stopped and covered it's ears as fast as he could. He then yelled: "What are you doing to me?! STOP IT". Ritz screamed as hard as she could that she can't and that she needs help to control her ability. The yordle agreed to help her in return to fight with him in the Institute of War against his worst enemy... Heimerdinger.

NOT FINISHED YET. I need some grammar corrections.

She got long purple hair. She's wearing headphones designed specially for her by Rumble.