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Twinblade of Purification


  • 656g

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  • You can not use Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash while Twinblade of Purification's active is on cooldown.
  • Neither can Twinblade of Purification's active be used when Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash's active is on cooldown.

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Patch history


  • Changed the Unique Passive to "The next debuff will be automatically cleansed. 90 seconds cooldown" from "every melee attack gives you a stack of Purify".
  • Changed the Unique Active to "Increases your attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds. Removes all debuffs from your champion. 75 seconds cooldowns" from "Upon achieving 20 stacks of Purify you cleanse all debuffs. 40 Seconds cooldown".
  • Changed the item recipe to Zeal item.png Zeal and Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash from Dagger item.png Dagger, Dagger item.png Dagger and Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash.
  • Changed the stats from 30% attack speed and 50 Magic Resistance to 30% Attack Speed, 15% Critical Strike Chance, 8% Movement Speed and 50 Magic Resistance.


  • Increased the amount of stacks from 15 to 20.
  • Increased the active cooldown from 20 to 40.
  • Changed the passive "attacks" to "melee attacks"


  • Added to blogs.


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