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  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is Security
  • I am a Male
  • Endless Exceptions

    Ok, first of all I'm really bad in thinking about stories but I will try it anyway.

    > Sivir and Sion are siblings. or atleast WERE siblings.

    > Sion is in noxian army at young age. His sister Sivir is only a child.

    > Sion was renowned soldier for winning a lot of critical battles.

    > Noxian Generals are aware of Sion and send him on an impossible mission.

    > Sion promises Sivir he will come back.

    > Sion dies during the mission because of betrayal inside the Noxian army, someone set up a trap. Probably a Demacian "infiltrator".

    > Sivir' becomes enraged but has no power (she's only a child). She isn't aware that one of her own faction betrayed her brother.

    > During the years Sivir trained herself an unique fighting style with a boomerang blade. She bec…

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  • Endless Exceptions

    Sariel, the Arcane Supreme is a custom champion in League of Legends made by Endless Exceptions.

    physical damage each every 1.5 second to enemy champion(s) near her. Vectors cannot be controlled, though they will prioritize Sariel's target when attacking.

    |range=135 }}

    If Sariel kills an enemy champion, this ability is refreshed.

    |leveling= |description2= Sariel strikes a single target with all her current Vectors. Dealing increased damage per Vector active. |description3 = Unleash! deals an extra 50% true damage of the physical damage done to the target. |cooldown=7 seconds |cost= |costtype=mana |range=125 }}

    Sariel deals physical damage to all enemies within range and slows them. Slow time is increased by 0.5 second for every Vector …

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  • Endless Exceptions

    Locus, the Sage of Time is a fictional champion created by Endless Exceptions. Locus is the grandson of .

    Locus dashes to an enemy target, going invisible for 0.5 second, and dealing magical damage.

    |leveling =






    Locus can cast up to three times Wind-up with an interval of 0.5 second. Each Wind-up gives movement speed for 2 seconds. Crowd Controls upon you, except slows, depletes all your stacks and reduce the cooldown from 1 second to 5 seconds for one time. Getting a kill or an assist sets the cooldown to 1 (again).

    Upon receiving 3 stacks and every stack after that, all cooldowns, besides Wind-up cooldown itself, are reduced by 1 second. Additionally, Locus ignores unit collision.

    |leveling= per stack. …

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  • Endless Exceptions

    Only one necklace can be held in your inventory. Selling your necklace creates an option to buy another necklace.

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  • Endless Exceptions

    Syndra buff?

    September 22, 2012 by Endless Exceptions

    If Syndra would get a buff, what would you like to see buffed?

    First of all I think her innate for her Q is a bit weak. 20% increased damage would be a good improvement.

    Secondly, the damage per sphere on her ulti should be more rewarding, as keeping your spheres up early game/mid game is pretty frustrating, without cooldown reduction.

    Thirdly, I would like see an extra DoT effect on her spheres. Enemies will fear the spheres a bit more, as I find it looking weird when enemies just walk over my spheres and nothing happens to them..

    When enemies gets too close to the sphere (something about a radius of 100 range), they will take Magic damage every second. Magic Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.125 per ability power)

    Magic Damage to Champions (Rank 5):…

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