I have been playing League for around a year and I am a fairly good player but I never have anyone to play with. I follow the LCS and have pursued multiple carrers in e-sports (not League of Legends related) but I am never able to find a team and the plan subsequently falls through. The community on this wiki seems pretty helpfull and non toxic and I have run out of people to ask for help on this, so I want to find a team or community of players that I and others can play with. Skill level is not an issue, I'm not looking for a team to go to the LCS with ( if the opertunuty arose I would take it ) but I just want to find/ create a network of players of all skill levels to be able to play with, teach, and learn from.

If anyone happens to be interested in this idea leaving your summoner name in the comments would be helpfull alowing me and others to contact you, sorry if this wasted your time but a possitive response would be greatly appreciated.

If it makes a diference I main support champs and am a passive, objective focused player. 

EDIT: I'm on the NA servers and am looking for a "team" of people to play with not necesarily a ranked team. I am not currently ranked because I want a team before I venture into that, if that confused anyone or if I gave the wrong impression I'm sorry for wasting anyones time. I usually play ARAM if I play PvP because I value teamwork and have had overwelmingly negative experiances with solo que so it really turned me off to the idea of PvP without a pre aranged team. I'm not really that good (people in the comments seemed to overestimete my skill) I usually play bots so don't have great in game experiance but my understanding of rotations, pushing strateges and Item builds (some unusual but effective) makes me a great team player. I just need people to lead me to that great player I know I'm capable of being.