• Epegi

    Like most people, I got Riven as she was released. Riven was my first melee DPS character that I actually do well with. And the reason for this, I believe, is that I build her very differently than most other melee DPS characters.

    TL;DR of what you are about to read: I believe that in the early/mid game, for a melee character, the best way to sustain yourself in a lane is through HP/5 items rather than buying life-steal.

    I have a somewhat strange build for Riven. It involves getting Tiamat and Philosopher's Stone. And I don't get any life-steal until I am getting a Bloodthirster in the late game. Here is why.

    As a melee character, you have to be very close to the enemy minions to hit them. The problem with this is, by being close to the enem…

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