aka AntiGravitation

  • I live in Los Angeles, California
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is killing you in your sleep. I start tonight.
  • EpicNoob

    For about a year now, I've been playing online games a friend's house. Together, we formed a guild with some school mates, and would try to play with each other as much as possible. A few months back, when I was at my local library, one of my friends (a librarian) suggested I try out League of Legends. After a little research, I told my guildmates about it, so we tried it out...and loved it. The mechanics of the game, the teamwork required, and the thrill of executing strategies we couldn't execute in other games...they all called to us. Being able to attack different people with different playstyles using different characters, and win, really brought us together.

    I have recently realized that I not only play League of Legends for the strat…

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