• EpicSmith93


    By: Johnathan Smith



    Offense: 3/3 Archmage's Savvy, 1/3 Deadliness, 4/4 Sorcery, 1/1 Archiac Knowledge 1/1 Burning Embers

    Utility: 3/3 Good Hands, 1/3 Perserverance, 4/4 Awareness, 1/1 Greed, 3/3 Meditation, 2/2 Utility Master, 3/3 Quickness, 3/3 Intelligence


    Magic Penetration Marks

    Mana Regen Seals

    Cooldown Reduction Glyphs

    Ability Power per level Quintessences

    Summoner Spells

    Ignite- Adds more onto the DPS Spells Malzahar casts, and with the improved Ignite, you can gain an Additional 10 Ap while you wait for it to come back, which makes it great for early game

    Clarify- best for when your in a tight pinch and low on mana. Malefic Visions refunds mana, but unless you can kill 4-5 minions in a wave, you don't ge…

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