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  • I live in Poland (duh)
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is I'm not a nazi D:
  • ErdamonPL

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    Gatita, the Mistress of Trickery is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    If Gatita receives damage that lefts her below % of her max. health}} her next b…
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  • ErdamonPL

    Colt Tesson, the Grand Inventor is a custom champion in League of Legends made for the CCC5 contest, wish me luck peeps.

    One more thing: Prepare for a huge walls of text

    All of items purchased by Colt grant him 6% of cooldown reduction (4% for trinket upgrade).

    |description2 = Colt sees items that league shop offers, rather as useless trash, so that he creates his own reinforcement for himself (He is still able to purchase Potions, Wards, Ichors, Doran's items, Boots of speed and it's upgrades, trinkets, trinket upgrades and boot enchantment). }} | }}

    Colt is assisted by a drone flying nearby him. The Drone attacks the same targets as he does, dealing magic damage.

    Consecutive attacks against the same target increase Colt's attack speed for 4 s…

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  • ErdamonPL

    Warning, this blog post may contain things that you may not agree with, please keep that in mind.

    Aw hell yes, I'm back to show you much more ways how to make this game worse than it is right now. It's my fate dammnit! And you can't deny it. So, like I did previously, in this thread I will give you a set of changes that I would like to see in the actual League of Legends. I will try to stay away from champions that are currently getting actual changes on PBE, and they will be according to live (patch 4.13) version of the game. (Remember that if I will change a champion that was changed in my previous balance changes thread, previous changes will not be taken into consideration)

    Let's get rollin'

    Oh, and Riuzak, let me tag you and thank for th…

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  • ErdamonPL

    Odium, the Cursed Renegade is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    (automatically levels up at levels 1/3/6/9/12) points of Dark energy for each second of remaining in his sight range. If Odium is additionally visible to them, the amount of gained points is doubled. Also, when Odium deals damage to enemy champion with basic attack, he instantly gains 10 points of Dark Energy. Dark energy is requiered to use abillities by Odium.

    |description2 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = }}

    Odium instantly conjures a ball of ethereal fire, when the ball reaches it's destination point, it initially deals magic damage and remains there for 4 seconds, it also deals magic damage per second to enemies around it. The ball can be repositioned fr…
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  • ErdamonPL

    Derek, the Sharpshooter is a custom champion in League of Legends. Another champion made for CCC, wish me luck.

    Derek fires a huge piercing bullet that deals physical damage to all enemies in it's path.
    • Projectile width: 60
    • Projectile speed: 1800

    |description2 = If Derek uses Reload after he used Piercing round, his attacks for next 3 seconds will gain additional armor penetration, also, 50% of damage dealt to shielded target, will ignore shield and directly hit health bar. |leveling = |leveling 2 = |range = 1100 |cost = |costtype = Mana |cooldown = }}

    Derek throws a grenade to a selected area. After 0.4 second upon landing, the grenade explodes dealing magic damage to all enemies within the explosion radius and stuns them, dependin…
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