Hi guys!

So this is my first blog ever here and I want to share to you guys what me and my friends who play League of Legends a lot talked about for a short time. It's not that interesting but its worth sharing for me. We tried thinking of songs that can suit a Champion as a skin. For a song-based skin only not really in-game. Here are the two Champions we had thought about:

'Champion': Taric "The Gem Knight"

Skin: Black Diamond Taric (sorry if it's kinda racist)

Reason: For the song Shine Bright like a Diamond. It was sung by Rihanna hence the skin name. And we were thinking when you press CTRL + 3 Taric will sing the chorus. XD

Champion: Sivir "The Battle Mistress"

Skin: Titanium Sivir

Reason: This one was a bit thought out. The song Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia was the song that we gave Sivir. There were the lines "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, far away far away" which kinda relates to Sivir's skills of dodging an ability for a short time and also the ricochet for reaching far opponents. Also, when CTRL + 3 is pressed Sivir will also sing the chorus. XD

So there. That's what we've been up to while studying and playing. If you want to talk about more champions with song skins feel free to comment it below. I will give time to look at it. :D

PS: I don't really like those songs, I just knew their lyrics from repeated album playings of other friends. Also, credits to KIanSR (NA) for the Sivir idea. Also this is fiction guys.

-Altairro (NA)