• EtherealEssence

    Hi, I'm new to blogging on this site and in general, in fact. I just wanted to share a champion concept that I've had in mind for quite a long time. I am all open for discussions and suggestions on how to improve the mechanics of my champion and to maintain balance. Hope you like it. ^~^ ~

    Attributes: Mage, Ranged

    Health: 400 (+74)

    Health Regen: 5.8 (+0.65)

    Mana: 245 (+55)

    Mana Regen: 6.3 (+0.7)

    Range: 550

    Missile Speed: 2300

    Attack Damage: 48 (+3.2) - Attack Particle: Swirling bolt of condensed magic (yellow)

    Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.95%)

    Armor: 13 (+3.5)

    Magic Resist: 30

    Movement Speed: 315


    Arts of Incantation

    Cometrus gains (1.5 x level)(+12% of ability power) increased casting and channeling speed as a %(percentage).

    Ability 1- Q


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