• Euthrosyne

    Cassiopeia Retooling

    November 8, 2014 by Euthrosyne

    IN PROGRESS~ Do mind the dust while construction is ongoing.

    This is a three part blog: First is an analysis from the designer's standpoint as I see it, while the second is an elucidation of what principles might make her passive better. The last is an example passive I wrote up.

    Stashu summed her theme up already, so I’ll merely paraphrase it in one sentence:

    • The price of ambition is its own reward.

    However, what the promo lacks is an explanation of the internal workings of pre/post-serpentification Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia sought the power of the Tomb of the Emperors, but to what end? Why does she want power? Now that she has a power, what will she do with it? Despite her transformation, is she still able to achieve her goals? Can she still be…

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