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  • Eval12345

    Neil The Sage of Peace

    August 16, 2012 by Eval12345

    Health 442 (+99) Attack damage 55.03 (+3.97)
    Health regen. 7.25 (+0.80) Attack speed 0.650 (+2.13%)
    Mana 230 (+41) Armor 14.5 (+3.5)
    Mana regen. 6.45 (+0.44) Magic res. 30 (+1.25)
    Range 125 Mov. speed 325

    Neil jr is an teenager thats has supernatural powers that grant him by his ancient great grand father Nick Zalier,Nick discovered an orb that gave him supernatural power but he don't want to take control of it because maybe it have a risk nick was killed by nexus' army hoping to find the orb,but nick passed it to it's child and pass and pass until neil has it,neil want to find justice for his great grand father.

    innate :Peace orb Neil reduce the damage taken by 10/15/20/25/30/35%

    Restore Neil heal near champion and slow 35% nearby enemy champion …

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  • Eval12345

    Tanks Tanks are the starter of the clash they are usually the hardest on the team they can truly dominate on 1 on 1 when their enemies are like ad/carries gaining warmog and a thornmail making their enemies harder to kill you

    their are some Types of tank

    Health base Tanks-health tanks can counter true damage like reckless swing rise of the thorns and etc.

    some examples of health base tanks are volibear chogath dr.mundo olaf etc.

    Armor base tanks-armor base tanks can counter AD/hitters like tryndamere AD yi sivir etc.

    some examples of armor base tanks are rammus malphite etc.

    Magic Resist base Tanks-this tanks can counter AP/mages like kassadin annie and etc

    some examples of magic resist tanks are wukong(can be hybrid) and galio

    Damge reduction/shi…

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  • Eval12345

    Rex,The Raged Monk

    August 4, 2012 by Eval12345

    Fighter Carry Assasin Tank Melee Jungler
    Health 507(+98) Atk.Dmg. 54(+3.287) Health Regen 4.59(+0.65) Atk.Speed 0.654(+1.1%) Mana 220(+40) Armor 15(+4) Mana Regen 5.9(+0.605) Magic Res. 30 Range 125 Mov.Speed 310

    Suggested Items ' '''' ' '''

    Raged Innate Rex get double damage when he uses items skills/skills of his own(stackable with critical and sheen or lich bane)

    Focused Punch Rex Channel for 1 second then rush toward in 700 units anyone hitted stuns for a second and deals 10/40/70/100/130(+1.0 per Atk Dmg)physical Damage if the channel it's complete the dmg is depence in the channel

    cost 40 mana cooldown 15/13/11/9/7

    Rageful wave Rex throw a coned wave that anyone hitted will be fear for 1 secon…

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