Tanks Tanks are the starter of the clash they are usually the hardest on the team they can truly dominate on 1 on 1 when their enemies are like ad/carries gaining warmog and a thornmail making their enemies harder to kill you

their are some Types of tank

Health base Tanks-health tanks can counter true damage like reckless swing rise of the thorns and etc.

some examples of health base tanks are volibear chogath dr.mundo olaf etc.

Armor base tanks-armor base tanks can counter AD/hitters like tryndamere AD yi sivir etc.

some examples of armor base tanks are rammus malphite etc.

Magic Resist base Tanks-this tanks can counter AP/mages like kassadin annie and etc

some examples of magic resist tanks are wukong(can be hybrid) and galio

Damge reduction/shielding base tanks-this tanks can counter brust damage like summon tibbers demacian justice

some example of damage reduction base tanks are alistar shen jarvan etc

hybrid base tank-this tanks are unique they can role hitter/tanks support/tanks mage/tanks they can tank like a tank and hit like a hitter but they can't tank more than a pure base tank

Weaknesses of this tanks

health base tanks weakness is health percent items and skill

armor base tanks weakness is magic damage

magic resist base tanks weakness is physical damage

damage redustion/shielding base tanks is time

hybrid base tank weakness is dependent or when they are not feed