• Eval124

    recca - the flame's swordsman

    November 29, 2012 by Eval124

    recca was born normal but an unexpected destiny is filled when a poenix has come to his dream.your destiny is gonna be hardnot like other humans you will protect us form the phoenix of frost(anivia) you must train your self and be ready.after that he ignored it but the other night phoenix visited the boy recca you must know your path here i will help you o give you this sword this will be your weapon take care of it because that's the sword of flame the treasure of the phoenix clan.after that he didn't believe but when he woke up he saw the sword of the phoenix gave him he pause for a while and he think if this is my destiny how can i change it and he go to the league of legends to find the answer.  

    health            424(+90)              …

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