Recca - the flame's swordsman

recca was born normal but an unexpected destiny is filled when a poenix has come to his dream.your destiny is gonna be hardnot like other humans you will protect us form the phoenix of frost(anivia) you must train your self and be ready.after that he ignored it but the other night phoenix visited the boy recca you must know your path here i will help you o give you this sword this will be your weapon take care of it because that's the sword of flame the treasure of the phoenix clan.after that he didn't believe but when he woke up he saw the sword of the phoenix gave him he pause for a while and he think if this is my destiny how can i change it and he go to the league of legends to find the answer.  


health            424(+90)                          attack damage 58(+3.425)

health regen      9.5(+1.0) per 5 second   attack speed  0.625(+4.4%)

mana               none                              armor         20(+3.0)

                                                    magic resist  30(+1.25)

range               125                                mov. speed     325


innate-sword of flame

the enemies who hitted by the skills and basic attacks of recca will be burned                                            10/20/30/40/50 per second(true damage)     1/2/3/4/5 seconds duration       (0.1 per attack damage)

Q-spirit of the phoenix

he will summon a phoenix that mark all surrounding enemies around him and deals bonus damage on basic attack              and skills over a period of time and heals him per attack that land with the mark       

cooldown 20 seconds      15/25/35/45/60 bonus damage(magical)       8 seconds duration            (0.3 per ability power)   7.5/15/22.5/30/37.5 heal per attack   (0.2 per attack damage)

W-aerial ace

he dashes on an enemy and knockback the target and 1 second fear that hitted during the dash                                          coldown 10 seconds        70/130/190/250/310 damage(physical)   (0.5 per attack damage)

E-ancient sword

passive-the enemies skilled and attacked by the recca will reduced there move ment speed                                     none              

2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5% slow              3 seconds duration

active-all the enemies around in recca will be stun for a short period    

cooldown 10 seconds    30/70/110/150/190 damage(magical)      0.5sec.stun           0.6 per ability power


recca's sword will be overpowered all damage will be double and reduce the cooldown by 10/12.5/15 percent and gaining 25/37.5/50 attack damage ability power movement speed armor and magic resist

cooldown 90/80/70 seconds         15 seconds duration