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  • ExNarukami

    I made this guy to be a Tank/Little Support:

    Bereon has a parrot which accompanies him. If Bereon dies, his parrot will attack the nearest champion in sight, dealing 3/4/5% of the champion's maximum health. If there are no nearby champions, Bereon's reviving time is reduced in 4/6/8 seconds.

    Bereon punches the target, dealing physical damage and stunning the target for 0.5 seconds. In the next 2 seconds, Bereon can punch another target, but without stunning. After this second punch, and if Bereon has 75% of his maximum health at most, he can punch again, applying the 0.5 stun this time.

    Bereon taunts the enemy target for 0'5/1/1'572/2'5 seconds. If Bereon uses this ability when he has 25% of his maximum health at most, the taunt lasts 1 more …

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  • ExNarukami

    When Erika was a child, she had some problems at school. She was different from her schoolmates, so she was constantly being bullied. She told her parents about her problems when she had enough, but they thought it was a lie which arose in her mind. As her parents didn't trust her, she tried to tell her teacher about the bullies, but her teacher believed Erika was trying to attract her attention. Erika gave up as she found herself alone.

    In the next few years, Erika attempted to commit suicide, but her will to stay alive prevented her death. After finishing her studies, Erika decided to master her skill with a weapon to get revenge. She spent a whole year reading about every single type of weapon in the world to find one which could fit her…

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