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Exiton February 18, 2011 User blog:Exiton

Achievements seem to be everywhere now, every games has them. it was cute the first time I saw it as a feature but not it's just annoying. It seems like every new game now has to have them, why is that? I would much rather the company take all the time they put into thinking up and implementing achievements and instead add real content. I guess people like it.

I see this blog has achievements and i wonder if they are helpful or detrimental. How many people make unnecessary changes just to grab an achievement for editing a page. At the same time how many people have profiles on the wiki that normal would not because they get 10 points for making it. I guess it can help drive changes faster if people have slightly more incentive and the people making unnecessary changes don't really hurt anything other than falsely inflating the achievement numbers.

I must admit that i was intrigued and searched for something to edit today so i could get my first badge. It was not a major edit but i added a useful point. So it did give me a minor push to do something now rather than later. i probably still would have contributed but it would have been more passive, when i noticed a mistake or something missing rather than actively looking to do something. An of course finishing this post gets me a new badge so i guess the system works.

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