I have finished updating all the items on with wiki with the patch information contained in the patch notes from V1.0.0.113 to V1.0.0.32. A long and arduous process. Next it's on to open beta. I should put in a caviot that i don't believe that all the patch information is complete enough for my likening. This can not be helped as most of the notes are derived from what riot gave us and as you go back through the histories they are less and less detailed. When an item is introduced in a modern patch its give a nice entry like:

where as back around patch 52 most of the new items where introduced like this:

  • NEW ITEM: Void Staff item Void Staff: Mid Tier Ability Power/Mana Item: Gives your spells 40% Magic Resist Penetration.

Not very helpfull Eh!. No mention of what its stats where or what it's initial recipe was. In this instance it's doubly annoying as in patch 74 the void staff had its recipe changed so there is no record of what it's original recipe was. Well there is probably info somewhere but ill have to dig around to find it at some point. There are several instances of changes made with no indication of what the item used to be like. Im keeping a list of these on a personal work page of mine User:Exiton/Item History Formatting. My plan is to tackle them once i have all the patch info from Beta entered as some of these questions may be answered by earlier patches.

I have also been avoiding a particularly annoying change from V1.0.0.63:

  • All items have had the following stats changed: Health -10%, Armor -10%, Magic Resist -5%.

It's going to be a real pain in the ass to enter that one into every item. I will ask an opinion of the wiki community here. Do you think i need to actually calculate the change in relation to this patch, ( health reduced to x-10% from x ) or just state it was dropped by 10%?

If any of you have any comments, questions or concerns please let me know. Im off to Beta.

Exiton 00:33, March 24, 2011 (UTC)