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    February 1, 2013 by Falgæa

    Wow, Season 3 just wrecked all of the cost efficiency tables the community's made, didn't it? Case in point today: Cooldown Reduction. With , 10% CDR used to cost 322g using the following calculations. From , we can calculate that 180 Health=475 Gold. If you divide Kindlegem's health by that of RC, then you can get a ratio for the inflation. 200 Health/180 Health= 1.1... so multiplying 475g by 1.1 would give one the cost of Kindlegem's health, 527.7g. Subtract this from Kindlegem's base price of 850, and you are left with 322.3 gold, or 322 for simplicity's sake.

    Season 3 just changed this calculation with the changes to . Judging from , 20 AP costs 435g, making the 30 AP found in Fiendish Codex worth about 652g using the above calculations…

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