Black Market Brawlers mode

A new game mode is coming. Prepare to see new ultimates come to life!

'Upgrade Complete!' will be a temporary game mode that is conceptual and will never be officially released. It will be exclusive to Summoner's Rift by Blind Draft.


The ancient powers of light and darkness have been released in Summoner's Rift. Now, two relics are located in the map, in place of Rift Scuttler located near Baron Nashor and Dragon. These relics spawn every 4 minutes and take 8 seconds to capture. Capturing can be interrupted similar to Crystal Scar's mechanics. Capturing a relic grants 1 crystal (displayed as a buff and counter in the HUD). These crystals can be used to upgrade your ultimates by choosing one of two paths. After choosing one of two paths, this can be upgraded for an additional effect.

Skills and Values TBA.