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  • Felendren

    Rylo is a female yordle, wielding a shield and an axe. For aesthetics, the axe is rather large for a one-hander.

    Attributes: Tank, Melee

    Rylo's mighty axe hacks into an enemy when she strikes them, reducing their armor by 10/15/20 for 3 seconds. This effect has no cooldown and can be applied constantly, however it does not stack. The amount increases at levels 6 and 12.


    Rush: Rylo charges toward targeted champion and knocks them airborne for 1 second and dealing damage, this can only be used on champions.

    Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/3 seconds

    Damage: 80/110/140/180/210(+0.4 per bonus attack damage)

    Range: 625

    Bravery of Bandle slow effect: 35/40/50% reduced movement speed


    Aegis Leap: Rylo leaps through the air onto the targeted area and deals damage, if she hi…

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  • Felendren

    What to doooo

    March 12, 2012 by Felendren

    Hi Hi :)

    Okay so I'm new here xD Just registered. Maybe you guys can help me with a dilemma I've been having.

    I've got about 6.7k IP and I don't know whether to buy either: Cassiopeia, Ziggs, or save for another upcoming new champ.

    Reasons for:

    Cassi - I enjoy playing her when she's free. I work her Q better than I worth Karthus'. Love her aoe ulti in teamfights, and her chase/escapability. Love the spammability from her passive (as much as I love to make up words?)

    Ziggs - ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?! xD Nawr I do have a thing for aoe ultimates, and his rocks it. He's generally satisfying, love the sounds and looks of his abilities. I'm good and blasting myself over walls

    Possible new champ - I might love him/her/it and count the seconds until its releas…

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