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Hi Hi :)

Okay so I'm new here xD Just registered. Maybe you guys can help me with a dilemma I've been having.

I've got about 6.7k IP and I don't know whether to buy either: Cassiopeia, Ziggs, or save for another upcoming new champ.

Reasons for:

Cassi - I enjoy playing her when she's free. I work her Q better than I worth Karthus'. Love her aoe ulti in teamfights, and her chase/escapability. Love the spammability from her passive (as much as I love to make up words?)

Ziggs - ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?! xD Nawr I do have a thing for aoe ultimates, and his rocks it. He's generally satisfying, love the sounds and looks of his abilities. I'm good and blasting myself over walls

Possible new champ - I might love him/her/it and count the seconds until its release. Even if I dislike it, I can buy one of the two above so it's still worth the wait. So far Riot's on a roll for pleasing me with new champions

Reasons against:

Cassi - I tend to overcommit myself with Cassi and underestimate the range on her Q and walk into the enemy. I'm quite bad at ulti timing - sometimes I don't even hit someone :<

Ziggs - Ulti timing is tough. I go oom as him quickly and blue is usually taken by an Ashe/Sivir. >_> (hurray EU east)

New Champ - Might be shit.

Well that's all I can think of, if you've got more ideas to throw at me or decide for me, let me know!

Thanks :) Happy Hunting,


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