• Filheinz

    League's upcoming Marksmen has been confirmed to be a Cyborg. Now, here's the thing. The only other Champion in League who's had cybernetic enhancements is Viktor, the Machine Herald. Well, between the two, there seems to be a couple of things in common.

    Primarily, it's their status as a Cyborg. Now, normally this is not grounds for an immediate correlation, but the only other confirmed person in the League Universe capable of Cybernetic enhancement of that caliber is Viktor, who's own body is a testament to his skill. With Jhin, it's almost seamless how his metallic body seems to dance about.

    Secondly, they both seem to have a obsession with perfection. Jhin's whole theme is very theatrical, with emphasis on "Perfection" and "Beauty". Vikto…

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  • Filheinz

    Title says it all. Feel free to comment if you think Yay or Nay to the skin concepts

    Lady Sona:

    Admit it, we all wanted a skin where she got her voice back. Now imagine a skin of Sona dressed in Lady Gaga's outfits BEFORE she took on Fame Monster(e.g when Poker Face, Just Dance and other pieces of her work were famous)

    Idk about how you can change the animations, though it might be possible to insert random song parts in her kit. (Cresendo could have the chorus of Just Dance, Edge of Glory for Hymm of Valor, Applause for Song of Celerity, and Poker Face for Song of Celerity) :3

    Pop Ezreal:

    Okay, so I'm pretty sure there are players who think/still think that Ez is Gay( this is up to debate, but what evs)

    So, Ezreal in JB's attire when he sang Ba…

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  • Filheinz

    Game/Show inspired Skins

    October 12, 2013 by Filheinz


    Madness Jinx-

    Think of Jinx, then dress her up in the attire of the Alice game series

    Passive proc looks like Hysteria

    Fishbones becomes the Teapot Cannon while Pow-Pow becomes the pepper grinder.

    Zap looks like she's firing from the the Jabberwock's Eye staff from the first game

    Flame Chompers take the look of the faces of the Ruin's and explode in black sludge upon stepping

    Ult still becomes a giant rocket, only with mad hatter and/or hysteria motifs( Im thinking something that explodes in blood/ruin remains and/or bubbles)

    Ult is also fired from the blunderbuss

    Liara Eve

    Eve takes on the appearance LIara Tsone from Mass Effect 

    Her overall looks and abilities would look more advanced here, as she has to take the AI look into her kit

    Not much…

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  • Filheinz

    Ok, Like all other guys out there, I'm pumped about the next champ Lucian in production( Though I liked his title when it was "the Gun Templar"). But after seeing an overview of his past, I did see a few intriguing things. 

    We all speculate the Lucian's Guns bear the Initials of Lucian himself and an unknown female partner that Lucian was close to. Their primary goal was to rid of all the evils in Runterra, including that of the Shadow Isles.....

    Things get even more serious when they encounter a being  that supposedly "ripped her from my life". And so, Lucian is after Revenge. The question is, who is this being?

    The story I read mentioned a male from the Shadow Isles. This is very vague as most Shadow Isle champs are unquestionably Male. Mor…

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  • Filheinz

    Ok, so with the recent Freljord patch came the Freljord Icon event, and we were pumped to gain the Icons, but a few clarifications came to mind about earning them.....

    1st: How do we know if we've already unlocked a given icon?  

    2nd: If we are currently are building wins on one Icon, then click on another icon but dont change our current icon, do we retain the wins?

    Example: Kevin is currently gaining wins for the Winter's Claw. While he is on his 6th win, he goes to his icon, clicks the Avarosan banner but reclicks the Winter's Claw banner. Does that affect his progress?

    3rd: When we unlock an icon, we unlock an upgraded version of it, right? So, does that mean we unlock 2 icons, the original and the upgraded. Or do we just unlock the Upgrad…

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