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Apocalypse............from the Shadow Isles?

Filheinz December 31, 2012 User blog:Filheinz

Okay, so everyone knows that the Shadow Isles is the home of some of the more....... moster-movie-esque Champions. But seriously, I know a lot of you have seen the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" referrence.

War=:Hecarim He is the "Shadow of War"

Pestilence=Mordekaiser : Basing from his previous Lore and From this interview with Mordekaiser

Death=Thresh : The newest champion in the making just screams "Grim Reaper", and his passive benefits from the death of others

Famine= ?: I really don't know who famine is, though it's safe to assume that he/she/it will still come from the Shadow Isles

I get that this is most likely redundant information, but hey, just sharing thoughts

edit: Removed Karthus and replaced him with Thresh

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