Ok, so with the recent Freljord patch came the Freljord Icon event, and we were pumped to gain the Icons, but a few clarifications came to mind about earning them.....

1st: How do we know if we've already unlocked a given icon?  

2nd: If we are currently are building wins on one Icon, then click on another icon but dont change our current icon, do we retain the wins?

Example: Kevin is currently gaining wins for the Winter's Claw. While he is on his 6th win, he goes to his icon, clicks the Avarosan banner but reclicks the Winter's Claw banner. Does that affect his progress?

3rd: When we unlock an icon, we unlock an upgraded version of it, right? So, does that mean we unlock 2 icons, the original and the upgraded. Or do we just unlock the Upgraded?

and Lastly, If the event ends on the 5th, (the event ends on 14th April 2013) can we still gain wins for our trube on the 5th, or does our progress stop once the clock strikes 12?

Thanks for your time, and Goodluck on ARAM guys!