Madness Jinx-

Think of Jinx, then dress her up in the attire of the Alice game series

Passive proc looks like Hysteria

Fishbones becomes the Teapot Cannon while Pow-Pow becomes the pepper grinder.

Zap looks like she's firing from the the Jabberwock's Eye staff from the first game

Flame Chompers take the look of the faces of the Ruin's and explode in black sludge upon stepping

Ult still becomes a giant rocket, only with mad hatter and/or hysteria motifs( Im thinking something that explodes in blood/ruin remains and/or bubbles)

Ult is also fired from the blunderbuss

Liara Eve

Eve takes on the appearance LIara Tsone from Mass Effect 

Her overall looks and abilities would look more advanced here, as she has to take the AI look into her kit

Not much change, sorry.

Jake the Warwick

Comical skin, joke and taunt would show him stretching, voice would have to change cuz he has to sound more comical rather than frightning

Q and R would have him stretching towards his target before damaging them.

Soulweaver Talon

His overall appearance makes him look like Tomix, an NPC from the online game Dragonfable(anyone else remember this game?)

His weapons would look like spirit looms and change form when he activates Noxian Diplomacy

(Basic Weapon would look like the Metal Element Loom, while Nox Diplomacy would make it look like an Evil Elemented Loom)

blinking would look like the dashes done by soulweavers

Rake looks like Spirit looms broken down into shuriken like projectiles

Ult would have the Soulweaver Spell Circle( the one when they use Overkill/Retribution) when he disappears.

Jabberwock Ao Shin( To be discussed when he gets release.) (Im sorry, I just couldnt wait for a champ with a unique model)

That's all for now, most skin ideas are already taken. 

Got any more ideas, comment them so we can all agree that their awesome!

Part 2(Cuz I didnt want to confuse myself with having to reput them all)

Borderlands Themed Skins

Gaige Annie-

Annie takes on Gaige from borderlands 2's overall appearance

All skills takes on the a mechanical theme, and Tibber's looks LIke Deathtrap :3

Hunter Quinn

Quinn in Mordecai's attire. Valor Looksd like Bloodwing. What more can I say?

Siren Ahri

Ahri is perfect for the Siren Class. Her overall skill appearance could look like that of the siren class. and Ult would look like she's phasewalking