League's upcoming Marksmen has been confirmed to be a Cyborg. Now, here's the thing. The only other Champion in League who's had cybernetic enhancements is Viktor, the Machine Herald. Well, between the two, there seems to be a couple of things in common.

Primarily, it's their status as a Cyborg. Now, normally this is not grounds for an immediate correlation, but the only other confirmed person in the League Universe capable of Cybernetic enhancement of that caliber is Viktor, who's own body is a testament to his skill. With Jhin, it's almost seamless how his metallic body seems to dance about.

Secondly, they both seem to have a obsession with perfection. Jhin's whole theme is very theatrical, with emphasis on "Perfection" and "Beauty". Viktor shares a similar obsession. He seeks to improve and perfect the world in steel and iron. Metal is perfection. Steel shall fix all your flaws. Etc.

My theory is that Jhin is one of Viktor's Masterpieces.

I have no doubt that Viktor has had something to do with Jhin. It just all seems to make sense...

P.S. I'm new here XD. While I'm not new to the game, I'm new to the forums. Hi guys, and I hope you like the blog :3