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    Elix, Keeper of the Potions

    Cost: Influence Points 6300 or RP 975

    Attributes Melee,Support Release date WHO KNOWS?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Health 470 (+50) Attack damage 41 (+5)
    Health regen. 3.5 (+0.75) Attack speed 0.544 (+3.7%)
    Mana 150 (+35) Armor 12 (+3.5)
    Mana regen. 10 (+0.35) Magic res. 12 (+3.5
    Range 175 Mov. speed 320

    Elix, Keeper of the Potions is not (yet) (might be one) a champion in League of Legends.[[|[1]]]

    Patch v1.0.0.143

    Master Crafter

    (Innate): Elix’s basic attacks have unique effects depending on which elixir aura is currently being used. Note: Only one aura’s Passive may be on at once.
    Ability Description Leveling up

    Elixir of Fortitude

    (Stance) – Persistent Aura: Grants all nearby allied units Max health, and increased Attack Damag…

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