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Celebrate esports with permanent summoner icons!

Yesterday all these icons with the logos of the teams of the League of Legends Championship Series were released:


Each of them cost 250 RP. There's a bundle with all the NA teams that costs 1600 RP, another EU bundle costs the same, and a bundle combining both bundles at 3000 RP

The summoner icons are now displayed on every loading screen. Strangely I yet have to see anyone using these icons

Given the release of these icons I began to wonder and I ask you, do you guys, that are part of the LoL community, care about the League of Legends Championship series?

(I care enough to occasionaly check how the teams are doing, how much they win and lose, but not enough to have a favorite team)

If you do, what's your favorite team?

And which one of these is your favorite summoner icon? (My favorite is Curse Icon)

Thanks for reading!

Also, I am dissapointed that you have to pay for these...

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