Champion Concept: Qwerza "The Balanced Fighter"


Needing of balance of good and evil in the land of Ionia (back in its olden days) they have opened up slots for an official government, one of these slots were a Captain which would have power over a small area as long they would restore balance. So as the son of "Vince Stinworth" of the Noxian army (Father) and "Amy Tristin" a soldier of Demacia (Mother), he tried to run for the said position. As he tried to run his campaign he didn't want to be a Captain anymore, No, He wanted more power, more essence, more wealth, he wanted to be Ruler Of Ionoa! Knowing that a good leader needs to know how to fight, he learned hand to hand combat in the Mercenary, although he had a choice of weapon, the "Nunchuku or Nunchuks", but the more he trained and fought, the more he became Evil and Corrupt. As the election of King started he opened up his campaign, but he was rejected. So he went on a rampage in the town, destroying everything in sight with his amazing fighting skills, killing the winner of the election by a duel of weapons. One night as he was sleeping, he had a dream about him talking to his mother, and he asked "Why am I not Ruler of Ionia Mother? Why?" "Its because" she replied "You are not balanced, you are becoming more and more like your father. If you wish to be King you must find your center". After waking up, he realized how much damage he has done, so went into the mountains to meditate, to find his center, to be calm. 50 Years stayed up there and when he finally came back to Ionia the slot for Ruler was open, luckily the former king died a week ago and now they need a new one. This was chance to redeem himself. But he needed some motivation for his campaign. So he came back to the place he trained at, the "Mercenary" to think of an idea, thats where he met Lee Sin "The Blind Monk" who told him all about the League of Legends and found this as an opportunity to boost his campaign. So he joined the League saying that he would fight for his mother, for Demacia, but sometimes the battles make him evil again and he would for Noxus...for his father.