RIght, so today I'm gonna talk about a stupid basic skill in league that everyone knows, but probably is not good at. It's probably as basic as last hitting, or map awareness.

Can you guess?

It's positioning.

If you truly understand and are constantly aware of these three things, you can get to gold easy. They have implications in laning phase, mid-game, and teamfights, and are all important, yet difficult to master parts of the game.

But enough of that, the important part of positioning I want to talk about now is called "Effective Area of Engagement". Basically, there is a hemisphere around each champ where he wants his opponents to be, and area where he can maximize his own damage while minimizing the damage he takes.

This concept is why the role of Ranged Attack Damage Carries can exist: The Effective Area of Engagement of ADC's are generally much higher than other champions, which means that they can afford to build glassy, because other champions simply can't get into range to deal damage.

Now, you may ask me, what does this mean?

Well, if you are playing a ADC, you want to stay outside of the damage range of enemies. The idea here is to get inside the enemy inside your effective area of engagement, while staying outside of his. Circle strafing and back-and-forth are the most common ways to do this. Always remember, there is NEVER a reason you should get closer to the enemy than you have to, and you should ALWAYS keep moving.

And if you are playing a bruiser or a tank, you need to close the distance by any means necessary (brushes, gap closers, cc, and sometimes flash).

As soon as possible.

Always try to keep sight of this Area of Engagement", and always try to keep your enemies inside it.

Peace, now I got to go crap, think I ate some bad food. X(