Recently I posted a champion concept that was an ADC. You can find the post right below this one.

The general response seemed to be "doesn't seem to do enough damage". Okay. Maybe, but only if the champion doesn't work without more damage, not simply because it doesn't fit the current meta, as some of the responses seemed to indicate.

I feel like this is a symptom of what I like to call "Solo Queue's Influence on the Community" or "So quick" for short. In solo queue, the most visible feature for ADC for matches is damage. So quick makes people feel like "the only important thing about ADC's is their damage", but while that is their main purpose, it is not their only purpose. So long as ADC can consistently do a persistent amount of damage, they fulfill their role.

The problem is that soquick makes people discount these other purposes, because damage is how to "carry a game". I've said it before, and I'll say it again, learning to let yourself be carried is just as important as carrying a game.  Be honest to yourself! For every game you play a carrying role and carry a game, there will always be at least one other game where you fed and got carried.

Don't let soquick affect you. Make your own decisions on what YOU feel you need in your champions, items, rune and mastery builds.