How early can you do dragon analysis

By Fistful of Force.

The Dragon is an important objective in SR due to the high amount of gold that it gives. It spawns at 2:30 (when the highest level champion is general 3), and Respawns every 6 minutes thereafter.

The HP of the dragon is 3200 + (220*Highest champion level) with an armor of 21 and MR of 30. It has a attack of 145 AD with an attack speed of 0.658, for a total of 95.41 physical dps and in addition, it's attacks apply a burning effect that reduces attack speed by 20% and deals 60 true damage per second for four seconds. It has 21 armor and 30 MR.

Due to this burning effect alone, people tanking dragon must have at the very least, 240 hp + an additional 60 hp for every second they tank the dragon.

Ninja tabi's special effect can reduce the physical dps of dragon to about 85.87, and decent armor (around 80) can further reduce that to 47.7055555 physical dps.

Thus, the tank should have at least 180 hp + an additional 107.7056 hp for every second they tanky the drag, assuming the tanker has 80 armor and ninja tabi.

The attackers will have to deal 3200 damage, plus an additional 220 per champion level up to the highest champion level, in order to kill the dragon.

Physically, this means that

21 armor means 0.1735537 percent physical damage reduction, which means that attacks are physical attacks are only 82.644% as effective. Thus, a player would have to deal 3872.03 damage to the dragon to kill it.

Assuming assuming 200 dps, this would take 20(!) seconds, which would require the tank to have 180+20*107.7056 = 2334.112 hp (!).

If you had 387.2 dps, you could kill it in only 10 seconds, which would require the tank to “only” have 1257.056.</p>

Thus, in order to do dragon you must have a combination of two things: Either extremely high effective hp, or extremely high dps.

Is ninja tabi really worth it? Discounting the fact that ninja tabi gives a decent chunk of armor, the ability of the boots to reduce incoming physical attacks by by 10% means that the physical dps of the Dragon is only 85.6 as opposed to 95.41. With 80 armor, this means that the dragon's dps is 47.7055555 as opposed to 53, meaning that the tank would require 180 + 113 per second hp without ninja tabi.

Over twenty seconds, this is a (2440 – 2334 = 106.111) hp difference.

Over ten seconds, this is a 1310-1257 = 53 hp difference.