Ok, just got out of a game with a really frustrating player, who called another guy on my team trash, and I gotta say, that is the ONE insult I will not tolerate in league.

Call me bad, that' s k. I'm not good, I'm just barely gold.

Call me noob, that's cool, I like to think that keep calm in most situations, but if I am completely honest, I am do get mad sometimes, and other times I get a real urge to troll a douchebag.

Call me a fag or fat bastard,, I'll laugh, cuz I know the truth about who I am.

But calling someone trash just goes over the line.

Everyone got's there own problems, and they don't need more sh*t on top of that. Calling someone trash won't help them play better, or make the other team worse. All it does it insult the gamer, and put his confidence into doubt, make him lose his focus, and make him afraid to expand his awareness.

We are all brothers, strung together by the thread that is gaming, and this is a privilege. Have some respect to your Brother, not only irl, but in league too.