Right, so I was watching this week's Extra Credits:


on power creep, when to my delight (squeeee...... just take away my man-card now -_-) they mentioned League of Legends!!!!111one.

Anyways, the vid's like 8 mins, and the league part was only 1 min or so, so I'll summarize. Basically, it said that though League of Legends was a game whose business model revolved around constantly introducing new gameplay elements into the game (Champions, Items, etc.) League was able to avoid the problem of powercreep by making the elements incomparables, things that can't be easily compared because their distinguishing characteristics can't be broken down into simple things like numbers.

For example, Ryze's snare and Maokai's snare about both ranged snares with about the same duration: But as any League players will tell you, they are completely different things. This has to to with a lot of factors, like different champion kits and roles, as well as item builds, and meta. But my point is, unlike in WoW or Diablo, in League a champion's stength isn't determined by the numbers on his skills. I mean, I just read on reddit that a guy just got up to 1920 just duo queuing Karma.

Karma. The second most underplayed champion in League.

Here's the link:


A defining characteristic of League of Legends is that there isn't a "Best champion", or "Best comp". Let me be clear on this right now, the things like the meta comp DIDN'T come into existence because the meta was the best, it was because a team of players were so good that they developed a team of champion roles and a playstyle that was powerful and flexible that every player recognized it's strength.

So don't play to the meta. Play a champion you like and are good at. The meta will follow you.