Right, so today I'm going to talk about something actually game relevant. The concept of passivity.

The thing is, it doesn't exist.

Well, it does. But not as you think it does.

I was in a game today, and on my team, I had an Irelia who was playing versus a Riven. I look up, and she's LEVEL FOUR WITH 30 CS, and 4 deaths WHILE RIVEN IS LEVEL SEVEN WITH 100 CS and 4 KILLS.

Of course, I'm suprised, and ask her, "What's going on?!?!?"

You know what she said to me? "I'm trying to play passive, but I can't even farm."

Of course it wouldn't work! Do you seriously think Riven will just let you farm?!?!?

She knows she has the advantage! You gave it to her by deciding to play "passively". It was never that she was a better player, or Riven was a better champion. By playing passively, and giving lane dominance to Riven, Irelia had given up her lane.

What's sadder is that she had the misconception that playing passively would work.

What I'm trying to say is playing passively is a trap, an ideal that does not work.

So play slower. Take your time to make your moves. But whatever you do, don't play "passively".