I heard that wraith Spirit was supposed to be good, so I decided to check it out. I queued up and grabbed vlad, but sadly I lost.

I don't feel like I was doing that badly, but since we lost, I was clearly doing something wrong.

I did lose my lane though. My first big item was SotSW, and I was laning against an bruiser elise top who rushed warmogs... I just couldn't do enough damage in a straight up fight before I died, even with pool. 

Clearly my Vlad needs a lot of work.

But regardless, this blog is about SotSW, not my vlad skills. 

I feel like SotSW wasn't that bad of a first item. I actually did a pretty good job of trading with Elise once I got it, and she only had a few pieces of her mogs. But a couple of enemy ganks and her fully built mogs later, I couldn't trade.

SotSW is good because of it's cost efficiency. However, I couldn't not figure out how to use the myriad of stats that SotSW gave. Should I have tried to out sustain Elise? Or just push and gank? SotSW gives a ton of bonus damage against Minions. I was able to quickly clear waves, but even with minion support, I was losing against mogs Elise.

I should have pushed more aggressively once I had SotSW. If I had picked level 2 Tides of Blood instead of Pool, I would have been able to put a lot more pressure on that Elise. The good spell vamp basically made the HP costs negligible.

Regen and CDR are always good stats, but their effects are sutble, and hard to measure. Does being able to use Q one second faster make that much of a difference? Can you use 10 more HP to it's maximum effect? It's hard to tell.

Next, I should try an AP champ with Mana in order to figure out whether or not I'm doing things right.