This is my own personal thoughts on solo queue, but one of the things I have noticed while traveling along the elo ratings is the what changes the most is not the skill of the players, because honestly, I can cs better than some 2k elo players, but rather the viewpoint of the game.

This concept is a combination of understanding, logic, and skill. 

Each person develops their own personal view of the game, and through their avatar, learns how to get better and win more.

Here is an example: Towers. At the very beginning people underestimate towers, so they dive, only to get killed. They get yelled and and laughed at, so an iron rule forms in their minds: Do not towerdive.

However, as they get stronger and stronger, their reflexes more honed, and their skill increases, they meet stronger and stronger opponents... until one day they are killed at their tower from 100-0.

This will completely destroy that iron rule into shards... and those shards will be reforged with the understanding of the game that they have accumulated until them, into a sharp steel sword.

And that is when a person's rating truly rises.